Sex, Love, Anxiety: The Secrets Of Alex Greenwald - Depressive


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View Transcript Lissa: Oh my *god*, Alex, I...
...I'm so sorry.
*I'm so sorry*.

Alex: And it's not like *you* could have known that!
I *never* open up about stuff like this!

Alex: Quite frankly, I'm afraid to.
I-I don't know how people will react if I tell them.
People could just...
...*leave* me.
And honestly, I'm afraid of being alone.
Extremely afraid.

Lissa: ...I get that.
I've been there before, honestly. I'm not the most *conventional* of people.
And being alone is hard.

Lissa: And Alex, this may sound a little weird considering what we just covered, but...
...if anything, maybe your loneliness is making whatever depressive phase you're currently in *worse*.

Lissa:...Alex you're gonna fucking hate what I'm about to tell you, but you *need* to hear it from someone...

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Author Notes

7/17/2022, 12:01 PM I took some advice from a few people and changed a few things up in this strip. My font, for example, has been completely overhauled, gone is the messy, unbaselined David Script, in its place, the significantly less chaotic and more readable Nu David Script. I've also started placing my characters in single-character panels a bit off-center for some additional visual interest and speech bubble space. Hopefully this all proves to create a significantly more readable series going forward!


7/17/2022, 12:30 PM Oh yeah, dude! I think the changes are good. Actually, I've been making sure to make sure my characters aren't in the center of the panels myself more often. I mean, unless I think it looks cool or something, but yeah.

Oh goodness, I wonder what Lissa is going to tell Alex. Seems like it's going to be something pretty difficult.
7/17/2022, 12:34 PM Aw, thanks! I've never really done a whole lot of off-centering myself, I've really been depriving myself of some good speech bubble area.

And you'll just have to see what Lissa's gonna say to Alex...
7/17/2022, 1:29 PM Lissa just dunks on Alex like



7/17/2022, 1:33 PM "...Alex you're gonna fucking hate what I'm about to tell you, but you need to hear it from someone..."

"...bro just feel better bro it's not that hard."