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Mile And A Half

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View Transcript Lissa: Heeeeeeey, your dad said that you were up here, not that I'd already know that 'cause I saw you walking up here!
Are, uh, you okay?
Hannah: Yeah.
I am.
I might be.

Lissa: What's there to be sad about, hon?
Your sister's getting married next month!

Lissa: Oh.
Ooooooooooooh fuck.
That's why, isn't it?
Fuckin' fuckarooni.
I'm so sorry.

Hannah: *sniff* S'okay.
I... I promised myself tat I wouldn't cry over this.
Helluva lot that did.

Hannah: I... I just feel the same level of personal regret that I felt when Selene left for fucking Harvard.
But this time, it's only been half a year.

Lissa: But she's moving like... a mile and a half away!
Hannah: Lis, I appreciate the effort, but I just have to work my emotions out myself right now.

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Author Notes

3/8/2022, 12:18 PM I'm gonna be honest, I'm genuinely proud of this strip. Like, out of all 182 strips I've done so far, I'm the most proud of this strip and the arc 6 finale. I don't know, there's something about this strip's mood, all the emotions, the expressions, and Lissa's comic relief that really nail the tone I was going for here. Yeah, it's not perfect the shading's kinda rough, but all things considered, it really turned out as well as I could make it.

Also I came *this* close to losing this one because Sketchbook decided to close on me without saving (I forget how it happened, this happened like nearly two years ago) but by some miracle, when I reopened the program, the stuff I was working on was still cached somehow.


3/8/2022, 12:35 PM I agree, the emotions in this strip are really good. You can feel that Hannah is going through a lot. And honestly you did really well with the shading here. It feels very appropriate for what’s going on. Really nice job.
3/8/2022, 1:47 PM Aw, thanks!