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Here's Ari

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View Transcript Selene: Well, this is it.
Ari: This... isn't our house *yet*, right?

Selene: Yeah, we still got some paperwork to co-sign.
Ari: Ah.
Loving the kitchen already.
Selene: I knew you would.

Selene: C'mon, lemme give you the grand tour!
Ari: Hey, babe, just... just before we start, can... we discuss the inevitable?

Selene: Inevitable? What do you mean inevitable?
Ari: Well, you've been here before.
Is is big enough?

Selene: Big enough for what?
Ari: Well, if and/or when we have kids, will it be big enough for them?
Selene: ...Ari stop.

Ari: Wait why?
Selene: Every time we bring this up, one of us talks about my many siblings, and the idea that my mom and dad had sex at least six times still disgusts me.
Ari: Right.
Later then.

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Author Notes

3/8/2022, 12:12 PM This is the first, and really one of the very few, appearance of Ari in the strip. I've never brought him back because I've never really found a good reason to use him again (although I have canonically made him a professional chef, he may serve useful alongside Sarah).