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View Transcript David: So howzit feel?
Hannah: Not... me.

Hannah: Y'know, I'm really more for tight clothes. Movable and breathable, something I can flex easily in.

Hannah: That, good sir, is air resistance, and as an athlete, air resistance is not good.
It feels so... weighty.
And not in a good way.

David: Well, I'm not an athlete, so my negative one back can't speak to comfort.
But I do know cheap sales pitches, and honestly, that one looks stellar on you.
Besides, you can wear something more comfortable underneath.
No one'll notice.

David: Besides, Lissa can always give her honest opinion.
Yo Lis!
Hannah: I...
...don't think she'll be able to help much.

Lissa (off panel): THAT ONE.
David: What did I tell ya?
Hannah: A-are you sure? There are a lot more!
Lissa (off panel): *THAT ONE*.

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Author Notes

3/7/2022, 12:14 PM Hannah kinda comes off a bit more Lissa-like in this strip, I guess Lis has rubbed off on her. Course, at the same time, when you're a competitive swimmer...