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The Northington Employee

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View Transcript Lissa: Ok, if they're gonna work it out themselves, let's forget about Darren and Nadine and focus on the wedding.
Hannah: *Finally*.

Lissa: Yessir nothing helps one forget family troubles like retail therapy!
Hannah: Uh hey, quick question...
Since when did you become the wedding expert?

Lissa: Yeeeeeeeeeeeah having your mom marry for the first time when you're eleven is *not* an experience you're wont to forget.
Hannah: Oh god that's right.
You're terrible at internalizing shit like that.
Lissa: *Fuck* yeah I am.

Familiar off-panel voice: Anything in particular you ladies are lookin' for?
Like outfits for a supposed wedding?
Because, uh, dress dresses are on the *other* side of the store.

Lissa: *David*!?
What the hell is going on!?
Hannah: Yeah this is weird, even for you.
David: I work here now!

Lissa: How... long have you worked here?
David: Three weeks, and so far, you're the first to notice.
Hannah: Dude, maroon isn't your color.
David: I know...

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Author Notes

3/6/2022, 1:00 PM I need to explore Lissa's past a bit more.

On an unrelated note, I've forgotten what the green sign in the first panel was supposed to say and none of the parts that are visible help in the slightest.


3/6/2022, 5:25 PM Poor David, no one even noticed! I don’t know, I don’t mind David in maroon. Then again, I think most of your characters are cute no matter what.
3/6/2022, 5:37 PM D'aww, thanks. I try to make 'em cute.
5/22/2022, 5:38 AM Ey I kinda like how he looks in this colour. But I'm a big fan of pink so I'm biased
5/22/2022, 12:20 PM It's not a bad color, honestly.