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Miss Zero-To-Sixty

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View Transcript Lissa: You're... not mad at me, are you?
Hannah: Wha- *mad*!?

Lissa: Yeah! I fucked up the relationship between Darren and Nadine! Isn't that enough to be pissed at me for?

Hannah: Fuckin' hell, you really *are* an only child.
This happens *all the time*.

Lissa: But the wedge!
And the silence! And the never talking again!
Hannah: Have your moms been telling you about their exes again?

Lissa: But the wedding!
Hannah: That's not for another two months!
It'll work itself out by then!
It always does.

Lissa: Gah, I don't deserve you!
Hannah: Woah! You just need to lean how to chill out Ms. Zero-To-Sixty!

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Author Notes

3/5/2022, 12:51 PM I guess I did dip in to Lissa's neurotic side more often than I thought I did.