The Family Monroe - Lissa's Parents Get Involved


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Lissa's Parents Get Involved

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View Transcript Lauren: Lissa, sweetie, are... are you okay?
Mallory: Yeah, you've been in there for the past six hours, hon, and frankly, we're worried.

Lissa: Mom, I'm fine.
Lauren: ...not from where I'm standing.
Mallory: This happens *way* more often than it should.

Lissa: ...I shouldn't have stuck myself into other people's problems.
Lauren: It happens to the best of us, hon.
Mallory: Besides, I'm the only non-only child in this family.

Lauren: Actually, it's funny, almost the exact same thing happened to me and the sister of a girl *I* went out with in high school.

Mallory: Wait I haven't heard this one. What happened?
Lauren: Well, she and I kinda agreed to never talk about it again, and it's been like 20 years and we've *still* never spoken to each other.

Mallory: You seem disturbingly okay with that outcome.
Lissa: Fuck.
Lauren: Eh, there was a lotta other shit going on with that relationship that I couldn't keep up with, that was just a breaking point.

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Author Notes

3/5/2022, 12:44 PM This was the first strip I did featuring both Lauren and Mallory, and honestly I love the vibe that they give off together. Like, they're the super cool ultra-chill moms that every kid dreams of having, but at the same time they're like the most embarrassing moms on the planet. I like to think that every time Lissa has some kind of problem, one of them recounts a similar story about an ex and they always end poorly.

Also for some reason, the way I drew Lauren in this strip makes her look considerably younger than she looked in her previous appearances. I don't know why, but I dig it, and I've tried to keep that look in future appearances.


3/5/2022, 3:38 PM Yeah, I don’t think this conversation helped Lissa at all. I think that’s a running theme for this arc.
These conversations just end up making things worse, lol.
3/5/2022, 3:42 PM There's like one good conversation in this arc and that's the conversation between the two characters that needed it most.

That conversation has yet to happen.