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View Transcript Darren: GYAH!
This is getting *NOWHERE*!
Lissa: Maybe *now* you'll talk about her.

Darren: *WHO*!? *Who* do we need to talk about!?
Lissa: Nadine, who else?

Lissa: Look, I'm an only child, but even *I* know an overly intense sibling rivalry when I see one.

Darren: Rivalry!? How can you have a rivalry with somebody who is superior to you en ever way!?

Darren: I am under *constant fuckin' stress* trying to do better than how she did!

Lissa: But why? I know your parents. They don't *need* you to prove yourself to them.
Darren: But it's not because of them.
I... don't know why I do this.

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Author Notes

3/3/2022, 12:37 PM I like to think that this strip took place on a later date than the previous few strips did. That's the thing about non-continuous serialization, though, since one page doesn't directly continue into another but is still telling the same story, timeframes between pages can get a bit vague.


3/3/2022, 12:51 PM Jesus, Lissa really is going for the whole basketball therapy angle, isn't she?
3/3/2022, 12:54 PM She thinks she's helping. That's good enough for her.