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View Transcript Jogger (Dr. Mallory Dervison-Carson, Lissa's other mom): Hey, what's goin' on here?
David: ...hi Mrs... Dr... Lissa's other mom.

Mallory: Hey, Mal is fine, kiddo. What's up?
David: Lissa's helping one of Hannah's brothers get better at basketball.

Mallory: Heh. Sounds like Lissa all right.
So why aren't *you* with 'em, David?
David: I don't know, maybe because I *lack coordination entirely*.

David: Or *maybe* it's because my face is a natural *magnet* for various types of balls!
Wait that sounded wrong.
Mallory: Uh, David?

David [getting hit in the face by a rouge basketball]: GAK!
Mallory: David!

David: Like that, just like that.
Mallory: David, are you OK?
I can get an ambulance here in five minutes if you need it!
David: I'm fine...

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Author Notes

3/3/2022, 12:13 PM Enter Dr. Mallory Dervison-Carson, Lissa's other mom (as in, Lauren's wife, she's not really a step-mother because there was never really a step to begin with, so, other mother). Like Lauren, she's got a surprisingly developed backstory. As has been established in previous strips, Mal is a trauma surgeon, she'd always wanted to be a doctor from a young age and suddenly got really into the surgical field after she transitioned (hey, if surgery could do that, especially back in the very early 90's, think of what else it could do). Through her long road to her M.D., Mal had the opportunity to participate in quite the impressive number of progressive/feminist movements (hell, she's an OG Riot Grrl), and she's devoted her entire career to making emergency medical care as accessible as possible. So yeah, between that and being absolutely built, she's a major badass.