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Get Gud

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View Transcript Hannah (off-panel): I'll be down soon!
Lissa: Heh, you'd better be, the reservation's in half an hour!

Lissa: 'Sup, Darren, how's the couch treatin' ya?
Darren: GYAH- How did you-?
Lissa: Window reflection.

Darren: Actually, I kinda wanted to talk to you.
Lissa: Really?
Darren: Yeah. You're the Varsity Women's Basketball captain, right?
I need to up my game.

Lissa: Up your game? Hell yeah, but why? You're actually way better than I was back then!
Darren: It's... my sister.

Lissa: Who, Hannah?
Darren: No, Nadine! Yesterday I found out that she's better than me at the one thing that *I* thought I was better than her at!
It's been eating at my psyche like hell!

Lissa: I... didn't know you had that big of an inferiority complex, man.
Darren: ...Lis there are things about me that even my *parents* don't know about.

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Author Notes

3/1/2022, 11:42 AM I think I was trying to set something up with Darren's line in panel 6 (as in, despite having an openly bi older sister, and yes Hannah's always been bi, he's afraid of telling people that he's gay). That being said, his first appearance after this arc (in strip 124) clearly implies that at some point between the two strips, he came out off panel. Ah well. Good for him, regardless.


3/1/2022, 8:08 PM I really love the detail of Lissa seeing Darren through the window reflection. I don’t know, it’s just really clever and it made me laugh. I also just love the nonchalant (as I imagined it) “How’s the couch treatin’ ya?” Lissa is definitely my favorite.
3/1/2022, 8:16 PM Honestly despite the fact that this arc focuses on Hannah and her family, it really nails the full sorta "range" of Lissa. Trust me, there's a lot more where that came from.
4/2/2022, 7:34 AM aw he's so cute and little! I definitely thought he was older in the last strip. I like how he spies on Lissa
4/2/2022, 12:53 PM There's kind of a reason why I don't do the "sitting down leaning forward" pose like I did with Darren here, and part of it is because it doesn't read well.

That being said, he is younger than Nadine.