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Sibling Trouble

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View Transcript Darren: Hey, get off of the court!
It's in use!
Nadine: Aaagh! What the hell!?

Nadine: What the hell *is* your problem!?
Darren: *My* problem is the fact that this is the only thing I'm better at than you!

Darren: You've outshined me in literally every single way and you're *two years older*!
I've been born into this hole of overexpectation!

[Nadine proceeds to pick the basketball up, throw it backwards, and sink it in the hoop]

Darren: MOOOOOM! Nadine's taking the one thing that I'm good at away from me!
Carmine (off-panel): That sounds like a you problem, Darren, dear.
Nadine: Son of a--
Get off of it, man!

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Author Notes

3/1/2022, 11:36 AM Enter Darren Monroe, the focus of the first act of this arc. He too is a basketball player (I don't know why I have a fixation on basketball, I don't even like sports), and he's constantly locked in a heated rivalry with Nadine, who's been better than him at pretty much everything.


3/1/2022, 12:04 PM I like their mom. Definitely a him problem, lol!
3/1/2022, 12:15 PM Quite frankly I'd like to see the mom that can juggle a full time writing career with raising six children better, Carmine's the real MVP here.