Interlude № 2 - Pet Or Person?


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Pet Or Person?

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View Transcript Steve The Penguin: Hey, Tiny David, what exactly do you consider me, like a pet or--?
Tiny David: What!? Oh hell no!

Tiny David: If anything, I consider you a deep, personal friend!

Steve The Penguin: So like heterosexual-type life partners?
Tiny David: Yeah that's it.

Steve The Penguin: You see me as less of a mere animal and more of part of the gang.
Tiny David: Yeah! That!

Steve The Penguin: Aww, thanks, man! That means a lot!
Tiny David: I mean when you're a giant talking penguin...

Tiny David: Also, like, if I considered you a pet, you'd have been dead like three weeks after you met me.
Steve The Penguin: Oh. Right. That. Cool.

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Author Notes

2/27/2022, 1:12 PM Ok Tiny David says "giant talking penguin" but really Steve isn't any more or less tall than an average penguin. That being said, at that point Tiny David was about as tall as Steve, so I guess there's some relativity stuff goin' on there.


4/2/2022, 7:30 AM He speaks the truth lmao