Interlude № 2 - Why The Hell Not?


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Why The Hell Not?

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View Transcript Hannah: Um Lissa? Why?
Lissa: We're goin' *swimming*, silly! Getcha suit on!

Hannah: But it's *March*.
Lissa: Yup.

Hannah: Pool season doesn't even start until like mid-Spring.
Lissa: Yup.

Hannah: And even *that's* pushing it!
Lissa: Yup.
Hannah: So why March!?

Lissa: Cuz it's like 82 outside! Why the hell else?

Hannah: Ah fuck it.
I'll be out in 15.
Lissa: Oh by the way, ya might wanna cover any plants, it'll get down to 30 tonight.

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Author Notes

2/27/2022, 12:45 PM I love the implication that Lissa walked to Hannah's place in her swimsuit. It just seems like a perfectly Lissa thing to do.


2/27/2022, 1:25 PM Okay, I was about to say, I hope they’re going to a pool to something. Because when it comes to large bodies of water it doesn’t matter how hot it is that specific day. That water isn’t going to be warm until it’s been warm for a while.

Also, reminds me that Lissa is always prepared to go swimming, because doesn’t she just wear her swimsuit as underwear anyway?
2/27/2022, 2:14 PM The real irony here is that Hannah's the swimmer.

Of course I'd assume a one piece is harder to wear under clothes than a bikini.