Interlude № 2 - What's In A (Middle) Name


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What's In A (Middle) Name

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View Transcript Alex: Hey, uh, thanks for walking home with me.
I feel waaaaaay safer with somebody this late at night.
Bob: Hm?
Oh, uh, no problem.

Alex: So, uh, what's your middle name?
Bob: Agah-- whaa? The hell did this come from?
Alex: Just something to talk about, I guess.

Bob: Well, ah, that depends. What's yours?
Alex: Alexis. Yeah, there's a good reason why I go by my middle name, primarily for the ambiguity of the diminutive.
My *first* name is legally Bethany.
Now *you* have to tell me *your* real name.

[Beat as Bob stares blankly into the distance]

Bob [pained]: Benson.

Alex: *snk*
So your full name is Robert Benson Branik?
Bob: Worse. Robert isn't my full first name.
*It's Bob*.

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Author Notes

2/26/2022, 12:40 PM Ok so here's the thing about Alex, they're genderfluid. They also have a bit of a strange relationship with their given name. Ultimately, they prefer to be called Alex, and more often then not, they prefer to be masc-presenting. That being said, they exclusively presented as femme for the better part of 13 years before actually realizing that they were much happier being able to choose how they presented on any given day. That part of them that presented as femme for 13 years, that's still who that side of them is. So while they prefer Alex, especially while masc-presenting, they still accept their given name while femme-presenting.

That being said, they're kinda reserved about some of the specifics of their identity (like their background and the specific pronouns that they're using at any given time), and really only feel comfortable telling this sort of stuff to the people that they're closest to. So if someone don't know them as well as the rest of the main cast does, they are Alex, and they use they/them pronouns thankyouverymuch.


2/26/2022, 3:07 PM Thanks for the explanation! And if I remember correctly, Alex has a crush on Lissa, correct? Just want to make sure I'm thinking of the same character.

Bob Bensin Branik, huh? Were his parents really into Marvel comics when they named him, I wonder? Poor Bob. He seems so embarrassed about it!
2/26/2022, 3:24 PM Yeah, Alex is the one with the crush on Lissa. They're kind of a hopeless romantic, though, they get crushes on a lot of people, it's just that Lissa is one of the few people that kinda acknowledges Alex's crushy feelings (for lack of a better term), so it's the most prominent.
4/2/2022, 7:11 AM the old triple B

I have seen you post Alex a lot around the forums, I've been curious about them! Glad to finally meet
5/9/2022, 10:43 AM my poor man BBB
5/9/2022, 1:09 PM Good ol' triple B.