Interlude № 2 - The Motherhood


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The Motherhood

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View Transcript Lauren: You seem so... unworried about Hannah going off to college, Carmine. Quite frankly, the thought of sending Lissa off scares the shit outta me. How *do* you do it?
Carmine: Simple: with four other kids.

Carmine: Ok, well that's kind of a lie, four kids *plus* one that's already gone off to college. Trust me, once you've gotten one child through, it's a *hell* of a lot easier to get the next one through.

Carmine: And it's gonna hurt. I mean raising Selene for 18 years and then just shipping her off to Harvard took a toll on both Martin and I. In a way, it still kinda haunts us.

Lauren: And she only graduated last year...
I still don't think I can really let go of Lissa like that.

Carmine: Lauren, hon, if we haven't yet been there, we'll be there eventually. You just gotta have somebody with you that knows.
Like me. I-I was referring to myself there.
Lauren: Heh. Thanks Carmine.

Carmine: Although if you don't want to leave motherhood behind, I have a few kids you could take.
Lauren: Nice try, Carmine, one's enough for me.

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Author Notes

2/26/2022, 12:33 PM Ok so a little something about this strip, I actually had to change it recently to retcon something that I never realized that I had to retcon. Originally, Selene's alma mater was Princeton, I wanted to use an Ivy but Harvard just felt cliche. Here's the thing though, about a year after this strip, I decided to canonically make Selene an attorney. Which means she needed a law degree. And Princeton hasn't had a law department in almost 200 years (they did once, like in the mid-1800's). So I kinda had no choice but to retcon this strip (and another that's coming up in a little bit) to say that Selene graduated from Harvard. Gah.