Interlude № 2 - Night Shift


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Night Shift

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View Transcript Bob: GOD the night shift on Sunday is like the *most* depressing shift imaginable.
Bob's Co-Worker (Alex Greenwald): Fuck man tell me about it.

Bob: I mean the only people out this late are gangs of high school girls and rich white couples.
Alex: And they're both drunk off their asses.

Bob: But like everything closes at 8!
Alex: Oh, they're just out there *trying* to act not blitzed when in reality they don't even know what day it is.

Bob: And what of us!? We only close in *two hours*!
Alex: We only have one surefire customer at about this time, too.

Bob: Mrs. Monroe?
Alex: Mrs. Monroe.

Bob: Speaking of, isn't that her being dragged off by Lissa and Hannah?
Alex: Yup.
See ya Mrs. M!
Watch out for the curb, Lis!
Fuck that's gotta hurt.

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Author Notes

2/25/2022, 6:36 PM Enter Alex Greenwald, main cast member number 9. Unlike Lissa and Hannah, Alex wasn't a creation for the strip, I'd had an earlier version of them for a little while earlier. I had originally meant for them to be more of a supporting character, but their appearance in arc 4 kinda cemented their status as part of the main ensemble.

Oh yeah, remember how I mentioned that there would be a character that would effectively take over Bob's place as the "jaded, bitterly sarcastic barista"?

Yeah that was Alex.