Interlude № 2 - Nobody Messes With The PRIDE


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Nobody Messes With The PRIDE

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View Transcript Grace: So, what'd you and Hannah do for Valentine's Day?
Lissa: Well Hannah got me this sweet bracelet!

Grace: Wow. Black Leather. That *is* pretty sweet.
Lissa: I'm never taking it off!

Grace: So what'd you get her?
Lissa: Oh, that's the fun part.

Lissa: Remember the perfume I bought for the speed dating thingy? I never used it, so I gave it to her!

Grace: Aww that's so--
She knows, right?
Lissa: Oh hell yeah. She ain't letting *anyone* touch it.
Grace: Aww, that's so sweet!

Carmine (off-panel): C'mon, honey, I don't have anything else, and your father's getting impatient!
Hannah: I don't *care*, mom!
Nobody. Messes. With. The PRIDE.

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Author Notes

2/25/2022, 6:20 PM Fun fact: this is where my last archive dump ended. This is strip 75. The current strip count is 181. Yeah. It's been a while.

I will say, it has been nice to go back and re-read these older strips again, being able to change some more egregious mistakes and better explain my characters. It's also made me realize exactly how far I've come with... literally everything I've done.