Interlude № 2 - Really Crappi Coffee


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Really Crappi Coffee

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View Transcript [Tina drew her sword back and locked her sight on the pod.]

[It wriggled, as if it were the one her wife was in. Deep down, she knew. They both knew. She tensed up.]

[In a smooth, swift stroke, she sheared the skin of the pod. It emitted a foul stench that smelled of]

[smelled of]

[black coffee, body odor, and industrial strength lavender foaming hand soap.]

Bob: More coffee Mrs. Monroe?
Mrs. Monroe (Carmine): Y'know what, I think I'm fine.
In fact, I think I've spent *too* much time here.

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Author Notes

2/24/2022, 12:36 PM Enter Carmine Monroe, Hannah's mom, literary genius, and best-selling fantasy author. Really neither of Hannah's parents are as developed as Lissa's moms, though quite frankly Lissa's moms are just super fun to write (this isn't the first time I've said this, is it). Honestly though Carmine doesn't show up as much as she should, I should change that.