Interlude № 2 - Mommimus Prime


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Mommimus Prime

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View Transcript Hannah: So you've met *my* parents, I... uh...
Lissa: Haven't met both of mine?
Bold of you to assume that I was somehow a natural kid.

Lissa: Yeah actually mom birthed me from an anonymous sperm donor. You haven't met mom *prime*.

Hannah: Mom... prime? The fuck's a mom prime?
Lissa: Welllll the apple doesn't fall far from the sexualitree, that's for sure.

Lissa: Yeah I call her mom prime because she wasn't *actually* my mother until like seven years ago.
She's the head of the Davidsville Community Hospital Trauma Ward.

Hannah: So how'd they meet?
Lissa: Mom knocked herself unconscious with a blender.

Hannah: Graceful.
Lissa: She doesn't remember anything that happened that day.

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Author Notes

2/22/2022, 4:46 PM I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lissa's family is fuckin' badass.

Also Lauren's obfuscating lack of coordination is yet another running gag, she's capable of extraordinary feats of grace, precision, and raw strength when it's appropriate, but take her out of the ring? She'll nearly kill herself with a blender.