Interlude № 2 - Bikini Brattom


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Bikini Brattom

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View Transcript Lissa: So yeah, every once in a while, I just look into my closet and see my swimsuit and think, "Why the hell do I still have this? I only use it maybe six times a year."
David: You're telling me this for a reason, right?

Lissa: Trust me, there is.
I mean the thing's *useless* outside of summer, why *would* anyone go anywhere near any body of water when it's like 21 degrees out?

David: Pneumonia. Why else?
Lissa: Why else indeed.

Lissa: So, like, there's *gotta* be a way to repurpose this thing to justify the $49.99 I spent on it.
David: Uh-huh.

Lissa [lifting up her shit revealing her bikini top underneath]: So I decided to use it as underwear today.

David: This is your way of justifying the fact that you didn't do any laundry during winter break, isn't it?
Lissa: Kinda.

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Author Notes

2/22/2022, 4:32 PM And thus begins yet another running gag, one which would eventually evolve into a genuine character design decision when I redesigned my characters for this year. Why exactly would Lissa forgo traditional supportive undergarments for her rather ample bosom and wear a swimsuit everywhere instead? Well apparently it's super comfy. Also, y'know, it's Lissa. If it makes sense to her, she'll do it, judgement of others be damned.


5/9/2022, 10:36 AM Sis your tits will get so sweaty
5/9/2022, 1:09 PM This is Lissa we're talking about, she lives for sweat.