The Break - Reunion (The David Christmas Special II)


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View Transcript [Three weeks later...]
Hannah: yeah that's basically the whole story.
Unknown Voice (Selene Monroe, Hannah's older sister, off-panel): Wow. That's kinda sad, in a bizarre way.

Hannah: Yeah. And since then, Lissa and I have been trying everything we know to unsink this relationship.
Which is why I'm kinda glad you came home when you did...

Hannah (off-panel): ...y'know, because you have more experience within this domain, Selene.
Selene: Hey, speaking of "this domain", you haven't introduced me to Lissa yet.

Selene: Uh, because I think that's her by the door.
Lissa: H-Hannah...
You never told me that the rest of your family was this...
...this *cute*

Hannah: Oh yeah.
Lissa, Selene.
Selene, Lissa.
Lissa: Hiiiiiii...
Selene: Yeah, I'd say she's a keeper.

Hannah: Seriously, though, all formalities aside, I *really* wanna get Bob and Sarah back together before Christmas. It'd just be nice to actually, like *enjoy* the holiday.

Hannah: I... don't want to let Grace down.
Because she'd probably kill us.
Lissa: Yeeeeeah Grace can be kinda scary.
Selene: Eesh, sounds like my former roommate.

Lissa: *Former* roommate?
Selene: Let's just say social media was never good for one's well being.
Lissa: ...did she--
Selene: *NEVER*.

Hannah: All righty then, actual question time.
*How* the hell do we get them back together?

Lissa: Howzabout an intervention?
That's unique!
I think!

Selene: I remember doing that for one of my fiance's friends...
It... made things worse.

Lissa: Oh...
Okay then.
Selene: Never seen a restraining order get filed so quickly...

Lissa: Wait! I've got it!

Lissa: We *trick* 'em into getting back together!
Hannah: ...trick?
Lissa: Like how I assume we found each other after the speed dating thing!

Lissa: Bob and Sarah get a text from one of us telling 'em to meet us somewhere, but it turns out that they'll be meeting each other!

[Hannah and Selene stare in silence]

Selene: That... is without a doubt, the *stupidest* idea I've ever heard.
Hannah: Yeah? Well it's also the only legit one we got so far.

Hannah: Besides, it worked for me and Lissa. Why *wouldn't* it work for Bob and Sarah?

Hannah: So *if* I may play Devil's Advocate here, let's here what Lissa has to say.

Lissa (narrating): Sweet. First things first: we both text one of them.
Bob and Sarah: Why would she want to meet me *there*?

Lissa (narrating): We tell 'em to meet us somewhere, like, say, the Davidsville Harbor Ridge, but we don't show up.
Bob: Lissa?
Grace: Hannah?
Where the hell is she?

Lissa: We'd have a third party, probably David, observing from the beach.
David: Bracing for impact in 5... 4... 3... 2...
We have impact.

Lissa (narrating): And then we'd just let it unfold...
Bob: Sarah!? What're you doing here?
Sarah: I could ask the same of you!

Bob: We haven't talked for *weeks*!

Sarah: ...actually, Bob, I did kinda want to talk.

Sarah: It's... about three weeks ago...

Sarah: I had some time to think over it, and...

Sarah (breaking down): ...I lashed out.
I tried to... to keep it all inside for so damn long that when I actually made a genuine change and you... you didn't notice...

Sarah (off-panel): ...I... let myself go.
Bob: Sarah...

Sarah: I... don't regret going out with Steve that night...
But I'm sorry.

Sarah: Wh-what I'm trying to say is...
I miss *us*.

Bob: Gyaaah I miss us too!

[They kiss]

David: Guys... it totally worked.
And it's beautiful.

[Lissa holds out her phone, Hannah gestures towards it, and Selene shrugs]

Selene: Heh. Imagine that.

Selene (narrating): Hey, at least Christmas is saved, I think.
David: ...aaand I think that's it for the presents!
Merry Christmas everybody!

Bob: Hey, thanks for what I assume was your plan for helping us out back there.
Lissa: How... how did you know!?

Bob: Well, first of all, the text I got was from you.
And you *didn't* expect me to realize that the Harbor Ridge rendezvous was the exact same thing you were a part of last summer?

Bob: Third, David kinda told me everything yesterday during breakfast.

[Lissa glares at David, David shrugs]

Lissa (dragging in Hannah by the shoulder): I mean, I don't deserve *all* the credit, Hannah helped, too!
Hannah: You're crushing me.
But thanks.

Bob: Whatever the case, I appreciate it.
Thanks guys.
Lissa: Oh come on, we were just doin' our job!
Hannah: You mean what Grace forced us to do.

Selene: Psst... yo Hannah:
Hannah: Crap, I gotta go deal with this.
Lissa: No prob.

Hannah: This better be good.
Selene: Ok look, I...
I didn't just come here to visit.
I... I bought a house.
*We* bought a house.

Hannah: A house? Here?
And what do you mean by "*we*"?
Selene: Ari and I are getting married and we're moving back to Davidsville this summer!

Hannah: Holy crap! Congrats! haven't told mom and dad yet have you.
Selene: Hnnnnnnnggh...
You know how they tend to overcomplicate these sorts of things...
[To Be Continued...]

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Author Notes

2/21/2022, 12:31 PM Another arc finale, another Christmas special, and another bunch of stuff to talk about:

1. Enter Selene Monroe, Hannah's older sister and the first member of the Monroe household to appear in the strip (y'know, aside from Hannah). Selene and Hannah are super close, in large part because Selene was there to help Hannah through some of her early struggles: her anxiety diagnosis, coming out, any time young Hannah needed her older sister, she was there. Which is why it was so hard to say goodbye to her when she moved to Cambridge. But that's a story for the next arc.

2. Hey look I can draw breasts now! Sort of. Ok look they may be a bit high on the chest, but like, at the same time these bodies are vague ovals, it... made sense. Thankfully I learned of the proper boob position before I started in on any strips in the New Style™, but once again, that's a story for later.

3. Ok the big kiss in panel 33 is kinda awkward, but hey, at least it doesn't involve beaks this time.

4. In earlier postings of this strip, I may have forgotten to give Sarah her red highlights in panel 28. Ironically, that's the panel where she specifically mentions that she made a change.


2/21/2022, 2:06 PM Yay! Happy ending! Glad Bob and Sarah worked it out. And really cool to see Selene, a new character.
3/31/2022, 1:49 PM Selene is pretty! And I did notice she has breasts, lol. I mean, I have seen your drawings around the forums so I know by now the others do too. It is kind of neat to see how your art evolved after it already started to happen.

I’m glad to see Bob and Sarah worked it out. And glad to know they didn’t fall for this master plan! Their apologies seem more genuine knowing they already figured out they’d see each other and it wasn’t a trick
3/31/2022, 4:23 PM Yeah the original concept was that female characters had breasts if they were either supposed to be older than the main cast or if they weren't wearing a shirt (like in their swimsuits). Once I started drawing clothes, though, any female character old enough to reasonably have breasts got drawn with 'em.