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Fix It

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View Transcript Bob: S-Sarah?
Grace said that you'd be here...
Sarah: Dammit, Bob, not now.

Bob: I-I just want to know what I did wrong...
I *want* to stay with you.

Bob (off-panel): I just need to know what *you* want.

Sarah (pushing Bob aside): Bob, I... I just need some time alone.
Bob: Wait, Sarah...

[Grace, Lissa, and Hannah look on]

Grace: Fix it.
Lissa and Hannah: Yes ma'am!

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Author Notes

2/20/2022, 12:37 PM Ok so remember how I a few strips ago that there's a certain balance that Angry Grace brings to the strip? Well here it is. Grace is the only human being on the face of the planet that can genuinely scare Lissa. I like to think this fear developed after, say, Lissa witnessed Grace get so fed up during a basketball game that she punched something so hard that it completely broke. And not like a clipboard, more like a vending machine or a concrete bench.