The Break - Sarah's Dillemma


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Sarah's Dillemma

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View Transcript Grace: Sarah Bellum you insensitive jackass.
You know *exactly* what you're doing, don't you.
Sarah: Can... can we take this elsewhere?

Lissa: Hooooooo boy, this innocuous night 'o revenge just took a harrowing turn.
Steve The Penguin: Angry Grace scares me...
Hannah: Yeah, jeez, talk about if looks could kill...

Grace: Sarah, trying to implicitly signal Bob about his romantic incompetence is neither helping him nor yourself.
Sarah: But I've gone so far, dammit!

Grace: And you *saw* how much that broke him! I've never seen him this depressed!

Grace (off-panel): Bob would quite literally kill for you if the need be. That's devotion.
Yeah, he may be an ass sometimes, but I don't think you want to let someone like him to slip away.

Sarah: I-I need some time to think...
Grace: Sarah... don't make it too hard for either of you two...

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Author Notes

2/20/2022, 12:29 PM I actually really like how these next two strips turned out. There's just something about the atmosphere of the dark building exterior at night in the snow that really nails the significantly darker and more serious vibe I was going for with them.