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OwO Penguin Kiss

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View Transcript Bob: There they are...
Grace: D'ya think they see you?

Sarah: Oh god, Bob's here.
Lissa: Perfect. Pretend like you don't see him.
Hannah: Kinda surprised he showed up, honestly.

Lissa: Now kiss.
Sarah (off-panel): AGAH-- KISS STEVE?
Hannah: Show 'im who's boss!

[They kiss]

Sarah: My god what have I done.
Lissa: You fucked 'im up good, that's for sure!
Hannah: Aaahh his soul is *crushed*!
Steve The Penguin: Oooh that felt good...

Bob: It's not worth it...
I fucked up too many times...
Grace: Oh you haven't fucked up.
They fucked up.

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Author Notes

2/19/2022, 12:43 PM Speaking of sides of characters that are rarely seen, Lissa and Hannah are uncharacteristically trollish in this arc.

Also panel 4 just looks painful, man, human lips are soft and squishy, penguin beaks are hard and, well, probably shouldn't bend the ways that Steve's do here, I can only imagine that something around Sarah's mouth got pinched during that incredibly awkward kiss.


2/19/2022, 10:18 PM It’s at times like this where I’d say probably both Bob and Sarah fucked up in different ways. Obviously Bob wasn’t making Sarah feel noticed or appreciated, but Sarah then took it too far to make him feel bad it.

As always with relationship problems, you gotta talk about it. Don’t make out with a penguin. It just makes things worse.
2/19/2022, 10:46 PM Quite frankly, neither Bob nor Sarah really know what they're doing. Bob doesn't necessarily have the highest emotional maturity and Sarah... flat-out lacks people skills. The fact that their relationship survived this long without a major indecent is a miracle.

But yeah, both of them are kinda at fault here for very different reasons.
5/4/2022, 10:38 AM My man Steve almost died from being kissed, he is hopeless
5/4/2022, 11:38 AM Steve's greatest weakness is affectionate physical contact.