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Tiny David, Expert

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View Transcript Steve The Penguin: Oh god Tiny David, this is terrible.
Tiny David: Hey, man, it's been a few months since you've talked last. Maybe it'll be easier this time.

Steve The Penguin: ARE YOU KIDDING!? I've been suppressing my bizarre sexual desires for this one *specific* human female for *FOUR MONTHS* and within the span of a day, everything's come *FLOODING* back!

Steve The Penguin: It's *not* easier, it hasn't *been* easier, and it never fucking *WILL* be any easier!
Tiny David: STEVE.

Tiny David: You shouldn't let Lissa dominate your night. She's just gonna be there. She's not why you're there. You just have to deal with it.

[Beat Panel]

Steve The Penguin: Since... when did *you* become the love expert?
Tiny David: I'm 11. My natural naivete and general disinterest of women at this young age makes me an unbiased outsider in this situation, capable of such advice.

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Author Notes

2/17/2022, 12:41 PM This strip kinda had some unintended (though very welcome) consequences to the overall series timeline, in that for the first time I had ever given Tiny David an explicit age. Being 11 in 2019 makes him 14 now (remember, real time aging applies here), and in two years, he'll be where regular David was when the series started. Tiny David ain't so tiny now, huh?

That being said, with Tiny David now about half a year away from starting high school, I can finally do things that I never wanted to initially do with the now-adult main cast, specifically, actual school-related strips. And oh do I ever have plans for that.