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He's Not Over Her

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View Transcript Sarah: Uh... h-hey Steve...
Um... what are you doing tomorrow night?
Steve The Penguin: ...this is a set-up isn't it.

Sarah: Yeah kinda.
Steve The Penguin: Cool.
What do ya want?

Sarah: Well, I kinda want to send Bob a message by pretending to go out with someone else for a bit to show him that he should start thinking about somebody other than him...

Sarah: I'm double dating with Hannah and Lissa, and I kinda need a date.
Steve The Penguin: ...Lissa?

Steve The Penguin: Guh I mean yeah I'll be Lissa!
I'm gonna be there.
I need to learn to Lissa.
Speak. Learn to speak.

Sarah: Great! Meet me at the door by 5!
Steve The Penguin: You're over her.
You're over her.
You're over her.
...I'm not over her.

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Author Notes

2/16/2022, 10:55 AM Steve's always been a bit of an odd character to fit in with everybody else. Like, for all intents and purposes, he's basically a non-anthro penguin with anthro characteristics (despite the fact that, as will be proven later, true anthro birds clearly exist in this universe), and that kinda makes it hard to judge stuff like his age and whatnot. Like, I want him to be slightly older than Tiny David but younger than the rest of the main cast, but all in such a way that it's not weird/creepy for something like this strip to happen. Ultimately, my compromise goes something along the lines of "he's four years older than Tiny David but two years younger than the rest of the cast," which I think works out pretty reasonably.


2/17/2022, 5:28 AM Oh my goodness, I can see what sort of crazy antics may happen on this double date of theirs.

David A Webcomic (talking to you, the user, not your comic, lol) this comic has been a fantastic read so far.there’s already been so much improvement from your earlier strips, especially when it comes to the comedy and character writing.

Your characters are quite fun and diverse. My personal favorite so far has to be Lissa, but I also enjoy Steve quite a bit (and his attempts to get over Lissa). Hannah’s a newer introduction, but I have a feeling I’ll like her quite a bit as well. I think it was a great idea to start writing arcs for this, because it really allows your characters to grow and for their personalities to shine. Kind of reminds me why I never really got into webcomics sooner during the Penny Arcade / Gamer comics era. All the characters felt the same and only served the purpose of getting to the punchline, and that was about it. Your comic is very much not like that at all. Your characters are quite memorable and I love seeing them in wacky situations. Personally, it reminds me of some of the older comics I used to make and the aspects I liked the most about them.

The world your characters are in is quite fun as well. I love how sarcastic all the store advertising is. Those sign gags are probably my favorite type of one-off jokes in the whole comic. It’s also nice to see your characters get out of the house once in a while and see their antics in the open world.

If I remember correctly, I believe you said in one of your author comments or something that you’ve been working on this for over three years before you felt comfortable enough to start posting it? Well, I’m really glad that you did. This is a very fun comic and people deserve to see it and appreciate it. Takes a ton of dedication to put that much work into something before sharing it with others. But it also goes to show how much you enjoy and care about your comic, and that’s something I really appreciate from a creator. As for myself, I waited about 3/4s of a year before uploading mine, so I sort of understand the feeling.

Keep up the wonderful work!
2/17/2022, 12:04 PM Hey, thanks a bunch!

If I gotta be honest, it's not that I haven't shared this with anyone, I have been posting this stuff to various places, it was really more the concept of "going legit" and actually setting it up and posting it as a proper webcomic on a proper webcomic hosting service that was... a bit intimidating.

I don't regret making the journey here, though, it's been great so far.