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He Will Learn

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View Transcript David: So, uh, I guess the new hairstyle thing *didn't* work?
Sarah: Does it *look* like it worked?

David: What went wrong?
Sarah (bitterly): It's not worth discussing.

David: He guessed pants again, didn't he.
Sarah: He knows *NOTHING*.

David: Look, as long as I've known Bob, he's just kinda been like that.
I think it's high time that he learns what an *actual* relationship entails.
Sarah: But how do I make him get it?

David: Quietly and temporarily see someone else or something. Send him the message while not being obvious about it.

Sarah: But there aren't any other guys that I know as well as you, Bob, tiny you, and...
Oh *god*.
David: That's a sacrifice you may need to make.

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Author Notes

2/16/2022, 10:46 AM I like to think that David actually somehow brought Bob and Sarah together, having known each of them separately for a few years beforehand. I also like to think that David is one of the very few people that Sarah feels genuinely comfortable spilling her guts to.