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The Lisa

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View Transcript Hannah: Well, we could try to check out what hair styles we could do...
Sarah: It couldn't hurt...

Sarah: Oh god no I was very wrong.

Hannah: Y-you mean you *don't* like "The Lisa"?
Really, though, to do anything that looks *right*, I'd need to dye your hair to a more realistic blonde.

Sarah: Dyed to be more natural? Like *you*?
Hannah: Bold of you do assume that this *isn't* my natural color.
It is by the way.

Hannah: Jests aside, I *do* have some dye that my mom uses because she's grey as concrete and in perpetual denial.

Sarah: It's temporary, right?
Hannah: Yep.
Hannah: Thank god. "The Lisa" was starting to freak me out.

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Author Notes

2/14/2022, 12:18 PM Seriously nobody has natural hair that yellow. It just started to bug me.


2/17/2022, 5:11 AM The Lisa is just a variation on The Naruto, it looks like.
2/17/2022, 11:54 AM What is The Naruto if not the masculine equivalent of The Lisa?

I seem to remember an issue of the old Nickelodeon Magazine that paired Lisa Simpson with Naruto simply because of their near-identical hairstyles.

And looking back, I question why a publication ostensibly aimed at children would ever think that either series would be remotely suitable for their target audience.

Nick Magazine was a trip.
9/22/2022, 9:54 PM I remember that issue! It was a cartoon issue with a parody of gossip magazines. There were at least two of these issues.
IDK about Naruto (though Nick Mag also mentioned that the US dub censored a lot of blood and toilet) but Simpsons is one of those things that, despite being fairly adult, also has a lot of marketing towards kids. The Scholastic book order forms always included Bart Simpson comic compilations.
9/22/2022, 10:10 PM I actually got some Simpsons Comics collections from a few Scholastic Book Fairs, myself. I seem to remember reading somewhere that comics were kinda deliberately aimed at a younger audience than the show.
5/4/2022, 9:42 AM I like her hairstyle now, she looks like a little half of a sun uwu
5/4/2022, 11:37 AM Admittedly you'd have to question how pointy those li'l bits would be though...