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Almost 52 But Not Quite

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View Transcript Sarah: David... I want your unbiased opinion on something.
David: Make it quick. I need to think up a plot for my 52nd strip.

Sarah: Am I... *too* overbearing?
Like, I know I'm basically the Team Mom in this household, but... am I too straight laced?

David: Honest opinion? Yeah. You're kind of a buzzkill.
I really don't know what else to say.
Maybe you need to find yourself.

Sarah: I really *that* straight laced?
Do I need a journey of self discovery?
David: Hey, let's not get *too* far. Maybe you just need a change.

Sarah: It may sound stupid to ask... but couldja help?
David: Sure, why the hell not.

David: But first, an existential crisis is the perfect way to kick off my strip's second year!
Sarah: ...glad to help.

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Author Notes

2/13/2022, 12:53 PM This arc was basically an early attempt to further explore one of my previously established characters. Not totally sure how well it worked, but it gave me the chance to give Sarah a more unique design so hey, a win's a win.