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50 woo

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View Transcript Bob: What are you working on now?
David: Strip 50.
Bob: That much huh?

David: It's strange. This *should* be a big event in the context of the strip, but I just can't help but feel like it's overshadowed.

Bob: Overshadowed? By what?
Hannah: Yeah, 50 is a pretty impressive number.
Bob: When did you get here?
Hannah: I was always here.

David: I think of it this way: yeah 50 is a pretty big number for a webcomic. Problem is, it's two strips away from *52*, which, within the context of a weekly strip like mine, is a year.

Bob: Riiiiiiiiight.
Hannah: Makes sense.

Bob: So what are you gonna do? Thank the loyal fans for their support over 50 strips?
David: And sacrifice the durability of the fourth wall? Too predictable.

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Author Notes

2/12/2022, 12:28 PM At this point I was never sure whether to celebrate the strip number milestones or the strip anniversary milestones, but as I've gone on, I've found that my strip number milestones typically occur during an arc, so I do anniversaries.

Also I was still kinda getting used to drawing Hannah, which is why her hair looks a bit weird here. Really weird, actually.


2/16/2022, 2:12 PM I like the idea that you’re a character in your comic that writes the story as it’s happening. It’s a really interesting concept that I’ve dabbled in a bit myself in some of my older comics, though in a different way.