Interlude № 1 - Mmmmmmmmm... Grahamwiches


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Mmmmmmmmm... Grahamwiches

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View Transcript Tiny David: Big me, what happens when we die?
David: It's 2:49 in the morning. Can it wait?

Tiny David: But the possibilities of life after death both intrigue and vex my mortal being.

Tiny David: Is there a Catholic style afterlife?
Or do we go the Hindu way of reincarnation?
Or is it a third way entirely?

David: Look, if this has anything to do with your recently deceased turtle, we'll bury it tomorrow.
Now go the fuck to sleep.

[Beat panel]

Tiny David: Big me why are they called s'mores and not grahamwiches?

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Author Notes

2/11/2022, 7:01 PM This strip was kind of an experiment with shading in darker lighting. Clearly it worked because I've shaded like this ever since.

This strip also introduces the significantly more intellectual side of Tiny David, one that slowly starts to become his default personality.

Also grahamwiches makes me giggle every time I see it, I can't tell you why.


2/16/2022, 2:03 PM Because, Little David, once you have one, you’re gonna want to have s’more! I believe that’s the legitimate reason they’re called that, too, though I could be wrong.
3/31/2022, 1:22 PM Asking important questions! These things need answers, 2 am or not!