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View Transcript [One day before the event:]
Grace: So, uh, what happened to the doom and gloom?
Lissa: Oh, that? I'm over the anxiety.

Grace: Really? Just gone like that?
Lissa: Yep! I can assure you that by tomorrow, I'll be more than ready to go!

[The day of the event:]
Grace: God fucking dammit why can't *any* of this go smoothly just once?

Lissa: Nopenopenopenopenopenooooope you can't make me do a damn thing.

Grace: ...fine. Be that way.
I'll just say this once: you only have *one chance*. After that, it'll be desperate searching for a partner for months. Perhaps years. First love is an opportunity that only comes *once*.
Do you really want to waste it?

Lissa: I'll do it.
Grace: Yeeeeeeeah, I'm driving.

Grace: OK, look. I *know* that this is intimidating. I was like this on my first date with David, which I guess isn't quite the same, but the sentiment remains: I understand.

Grace: Look, you wanted me to give advice, really the only thing I can say is be yourself.
Yeah it's kinda crappy advice, but it's all I have in this context.

Grace: Anyways, we're here.

Lissa: I guess I've come this far...
Grace: Can't run from destiny, baby.

Lissa: I'm... just gonna pretend that you didn't say that.

Lissa: Ho
Grace: That right there is a whole ass bonfire.

Lissa: Ngggghhhhh I GOTTA MINGLE!!!
Grace: That's...
a switch.

Supervisor (Sandy): So... you two here for the luau?
Grace: Well, actually...
Lissa: YES.

Sandy: Heh. Desperate, are we?

Sandy: The ladies are over there, hon.
Lissa: kthxbai

Sandy: What about you? Surely someone like you is quite valuable in the market.
Grace: I... I'm just straight emotional support.

Sandy: Ah. What a shame. The Emotional Support Table is over there.
Grace: Yeah coulda guessed.

Lissa: Wait you want a what?
And is that a leather bikini?

Suitor 1: A *sub* And by the looks of it, you're more of a top.
Also hell yeah this is real leather.

Lissa: Look, I'm not saying that it *won't* work, I'm just saying that it *may* be a little creepy for a 45 year old to date a high schooler.

Suitor 2: Ah crap you're right what were these planners thinking?
...there needs to be age groups dammit.

Lissa: Look, I, ah, don't doubt that, er, *naturalism* is fun and all... I'm just not a huge fan of the idea of letting my itty bits loose 24/7.

Suitor 3: Honestly, that makes enough sense.

[A number of comically bungled attempts later...]
Suitor 4 (Hannah Monroe, off-panel): So, what's your story?
Lissa: Ehn?

Hannah: I mean, somebody with a swimsuit as flamboyant as *that* has *got* to be prowlin'.
Name's Hannah Monroe.
No need to tell me yours, Lissa.

Lissa: Aghuh... how do you know my...
Hannah: You're the Grassmore C. Varsity Basketball captain! Nobody would forget quads like yours.

Lissa: I mean hey, I guess that's what Leg Day is fore!
Hannah: Heh. Always important.
Especially in swim. You gotta have killer legs to, like, kick.

Lissa: Swim, eh? I mean how else could you rock the navy blue one piece so damn well?
Hannah: It's damn near the only color I wear, anyways.

Sandy (off-panel): That's it, people!
Let's get the *actual* party started!

Beachgoer 1: Yeah!
Beachgoer 2: Woo!
Beachgoer 3: PARTY!
Hannah: LIS-

Lissa: Hannah...

Lissa [slumping to the ground]: chance.
I blew it.

Lissa: A text?
At this hour?

[Text chat with Grace:
Grace: Meet me at the top
Lissa: why?
Grace: You'll see]

Lissa: Gra... Hannah?
Wh-what are you doing here?
Hannah: Don't ask.

Lissa: Hannah... I have something I want to tell you.
Hannah: Shoot.

Lissa: I... I'll admit I freaked out a bit when you left. I've... never felt anything that strong towards somebody.

Lissa: I guess what I've been thinking is that...
Hannah: We could work out?

Lissa: So maybe we could...
...get together sometime?
Hannah: Well, I'll need a number.

Lissa: 7?
Hannah: Like at night?
Lissa: That Mexican place near the docks?
Hannah: Why the hell not?

Hannah: It's a date!
Lissa: See ya then!

Grace: So how'd it go with Hannah, Lis?
Lissa: GYAH
Ugh... uh... you know Hannah?

Grace: We were coworkers at Turban Bazaar.
When the stampede came, she found me.
I'll admit, I kinda vouched for you.
Lissa: That makes so much sense!

Lissa: There's just one thing I don't understand.
Who sent that text?

Grace: If I told you, it could ruin the moment.

Lissa: ...thanks Grace.
Grace: Anytime Lis.

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Author Notes

2/11/2022, 6:40 PM Ok I got a few things to say about this one, too. Hey, it's an 8 page strip, of course I got stuff to say.

1. Enter Hannah Monroe. Nerd, artist, competitive swimmer, and Lissa's absolute soulmate. Believe me, Lissa would not have as much screentime (pagetime?) if it weren't for the fact that I love writing for and drawing Hannah about as much as I love writing for and drawing her. Like Lissa, her overall design and personality changes somewhat over the strip's run (though not to the extent as Lis), especially her hair, from whatever the hell I was drawing in panel 26 to more of a big, pillowy floof that partially obscures her right eye in the most adorable way (the ever-popular single peek-a-bang). I think Hannah's also the most developed character I've created, over time I've introduced her rather sizable family (she's the second oldest of six siblings), her clinical anxiety, hell, more recent strips have even explored Hannah's life before Lissa. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Enjoy Hannah's first appearance, because it sure as hell won't be her last.

2. This is the first of the 8 page arc finales. It's just a habit I've gotten into, and I really like telling these longer-form stories every once in a while.

3. This is the only time I've ever drawn a car/car interior. You can probably tell why.

4. The identity of the person who actually texted Lissa in panel 33 will remain with me to my grave.

5. I gotta set a strip at that Mexican place near the docks.


2/16/2022, 1:59 PM Aww, that was such a lovely ending. I’m really glad that Lissa found Hannah! You can tell they have chemistry. Can’t wait to see their relationship blossom as the comic goes on. Really great first arc!
3/31/2022, 1:21 PM That was comical at first, but I’m glad Lissa found Hannah! I giggled at the quad/leg day talk though, and checked out their stick figure legs :). It was nice to see Lissa get into it once they arrived, after all that fear.
3/31/2022, 4:21 PM It's always fun to call attention to the fact that my characters lack certain attributes. Like noses. Or, like, defined limbs.
11/28/2022, 2:20 AM A happy conclusion! :) I LOVED the panel where they’re about to lose each other in the crowd and Hannah says “Take my hand!!” X’D excellent
11/28/2022, 9:21 AM That panel was definitely a fun one to do!