The Many Loves Of Lissa Carson - Trust


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View Transcript Lissa: But really, a *sequined bikini*? What's the purpose? Where's the *function*?
*Who* thought that was a good idea?

Grace: Uh... Lissa? Look, I just gotta ask ya something.
Lissa: Shoot.

Grace: Why exactly are you dragging me along on this little escapade?
Lissa: I'm gonna be honest... I get a little nervous around large groups of people...

Grace: Sooo... I'm an emotional crutch.
Lissa: Wha no! Well... kind of. A wingman.
That's more like it.

Grace: Aga... a *wingman*!? I have no idea how the lesbian dating scene works!!!
Lissa: I trust you Grace.

Grace: *TRUST*!? What the hell does that have to do with anything!?
Lissa: Why do I always throw my passes at you first?
Grace: How does that...
Lissa: You'll understand sooner or later.

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Author Notes

2/8/2022, 11:45 AM Welcome to the grand return of Norton Northingtons.

The Legally Obligated Summer Sale is probably one of my favorite background gags.


11/28/2022, 1:58 AM The function of a sequined bikini is clearly to blind any enemies you make at the beach!
11/28/2022, 2:06 AM When the sun hits your top just right...