The Many Loves Of Lissa Carson - Impending DOOM


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Impending DOOM

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View Transcript Grace: Ok Lissa, we've *got* to talk about Steve.
Lissa: You mean the literal embodiment of unhealthy obsession?

Lissa: Honestly, it's kinda adorable how pathetic the whole situation is.

Grace: I mean... he's a penguin...
Lissa: Yeah, and the poor thing thinks I'm straight.

Grace: But at some point, you're gonna have to tell him.
My question is: how?

Lissa: Yeah... that could be a problem...

Steve The Penguin: Do you feel... impending doom?
Tiny David: Like, what type of impending doom?
Steve The Penguin: I don't know.
I feel... failure on the horizon.

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Author Notes

2/5/2022, 12:31 PM I don't intentionally do this, but my arcs typically follow a very specific three-act structure, act one (typically the first half of the arc) and act two (the latter half of the arc, minus the final strip) tend to be only slightly related to each other, and act three (the 8 page final strip), depending on how connected acts one and two are, serves either as closure to both acts, or just the second. If it's just the second, the first act tends to get some form of closure within that act.

It's telling that I'm not a trained writer, isn't it?