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View Transcript Sarah: What the hell are you two doing?
Tiny David: We're bein' cool.
Steve The Penguin: Yeeeeeeeeeeah.

Sarah: *Cool*? I don't know *what* decade you think you think you're in, black leather jackets and aviators is literally the epitome of *not* cool.

Steve The Penguin: Pipe down, daddy-o. We're rebels.
Tiny David: Rebels without a clue!
Steve The Penguin: Cause.
Tiny David: Whatever.

Sarah: Ah. I take it that this has to do with us watching Grease yesterday, doesn't it?
Steve The Penguin: Right on.
Tiny David: Yeah!

Steve The Penguin: Maaaaan the 50's had it all. The lingo, the babes, the 'tude, everything.

Steve The Penguin: In fact, I feel a song about it comin' on.
Sarah: Aaaaaaand this is where I leave.

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Author Notes

2/4/2022, 11:09 AM Ok so I kinda started getting a bit experimental with Steve in this strip, giving him the ability to effectively shape his otherwise nondescript blobby wings into vague fingers. It only shows up in a few strips because I've never really found a reason to use it again. It's not that I don't like the concept, it's just that there are very few situations where it genuinely makes sense.

Also this is the first of an exceedingly small number of strips that features Sarah smiling. It just looks... unnatural for her to do that.