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Barista Bob

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View Transcript Bob: It's pathetic.

Bob: 200 IQ. An underground laboratory that has over 2.5 billion dollars worth of tech.

Bob: President of the Davidsville Mensa board seven years running. Scientific accolades from around the world. Literal poster boy for Scientific American.

Bob: You'd think that I'd get a high paying job with some kind of tech company or something.

[Wide shot revealing that Bob is in fact working as a barista]
Bob: No.

Steve The Penguin: Dood, I just want my fucking Crappacino, not your goddamn "wasted potential" sob story.

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Author Notes

1/31/2022, 12:03 PM Bob's Crappi Coffee job really isn't something that I come back to as much as I should. Probably because in the process, I introduced a character that effectively fills the "overworked, underpaid, and perpetually bitter about it barista" niche way better than Bob does. But they debut in like 50 strips.


2/16/2022, 11:19 AM Hur hur, if your IQ is so high, why didn't you figure out a way to not have a sucky job, smart guy!