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Scam Of The Century

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View Transcript Bob: What are you doing?
David: Cracking the automotive scam of the century.

David: Tell me Bob, what's the difference between your Dual Motor Tesla and a Dual Motor with an underline Tesla?
Bob: About $10,000, why?

David: Wrong. $10,000 and a single line of code that when uncommented, allows the car to use its extra battery life.
Battery life, that I may add, is *included* with the vehicle, regardless of the purchase option.

Bob: Don't tell me... you're trying to hack into *my* Tesla to uncomment that line.

David: Actually, I did that yesterday.
Right now, I'm working on a virus that infects other Model 3's that *don't* have the line uncomented, and uncomments that line.

David: I'm the Robin Hood of the Digital Age.
Bob: Chaotic good.

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Author Notes

1/31/2022, 11:53 AM I mentioned in a forum post a little while ago that it was around strip 25 that the series gets good. Well, welcome to strip 25, it's all uphill from here, folks.