Interlude № 8 - Because Your Kiss


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Because Your Kiss

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View Transcript Tiny David: ...Erica, I gotta come clean about what happened the night Kenzie and I talked.

Tiny David: I-I tried to talk it over with her, but then... things got *really* heated, then she started crying, so I hugged her, then she--
...we kissed.
Erica: You two *kissed*?

Tiny David: We *kissed*, then I ran away, and now I somehow know *less* about where the two of us stand than I did before!
The whole night was a fucking disaster, and I haven't been able to bring myself to even *approach* her since!

Erica: I... I'm sorry. I thought talking to her would help...
Tiny David: Y-you're not *mad* at me about this?

Erica: I mean if I'm being *honest*, I am a little.
Clearly this was your first kiss and... I dunno maybe *I* kinda wanted to be your first...
But like, realistically, I can't be *too* mad at you for this, I mean come on dude, we've only gone out once.
It's not like we're actually a *couple* yet.

Tiny David: ...I suppose it would be wrong of me to ask if we could make it twice right now.
Erica: Heh. Doesn't stop *me* from askin' ya doof.

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Author Notes

1/22/2023, 11:00 AM I said we weren't done with Arc 8 yet and I wasn't kidding, we... may be seeing a bit more of the Tiny David cast in this interlude yet.

Also I just love drawing Tiny David and Erica together, can character designs have chemistry?


1/22/2023, 11:26 AM I'm really glad TD was able to talk to Erica about this. I mean, I'm sure it helps that yeah they've only gone out once, but even so something like that is hard to talk about. And because they've only gone out once it does run the risk of making it easier to not go out again if Erica got really upset about it.


Okay, so maybe it doesn't actually make anything easier when you think about it, lol. Regardless, I'm glad TD was able to talk about it and that Erica's mature enough to handle this without feeling overly bad about it.
1/22/2023, 3:55 PM Erica's sort of a counterbalance to Kenzie in many ways.