Interlude № 8 - Producing Produce


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Producing Produce

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View Transcript Robyn (off-panel): *know* Eeby Deeby is closer, right?
Sunny (off-panel): I mean *yeah*, but I don't trust their produce.
Robyn (off-panel): And *cheaper*, they're cheaper, too.

Robyn: I mean look, I *know* you're into that whole "clean eating" thing, but *come on*!
Sunny: Look, you do your groceries your way on your week, I do it mine on my week.

Sunny: Y'know, Robs, I didn't bring ya down here with me just so you could criticize literally everything I buy.
I eat what I believe, and I believe that a healthy, natural body requires healthy, natural produce to operate at its peak.
And the crap at Eeby Deeby is neither healthy nor natural.

Robyn: I came with you to observe your spending habits!
Somehow, despite the fact that we get paid the exact same amount on the exact same days, you're almost always running out far before I am!
And I can *clearly* see why! You're wasting your money on overpriced food!
I don't even know *why* all of this matters, it *just fruit*!

Robyn: You need to take more financial responsibility, Sunny! We're two 20 year old women living on retail wages! In today's world, that's *barely enough* to survive, if at all!
I won't be there to bail you out of a tight spot if you're wasting your mone on overly expensive food without even *considering* cheaper options!

Sunny: Ya make it sound like I'm doin' somethin' *wrong*.

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Author Notes

1/15/2023, 12:13 PM Oh hey look, it's Robyn and Sunny, haven't seen them in a while (since the Arc 7 finale, to be exact). I came up with this strip, like, last month, just a dumb little conversation between Sunny and Robyn that ended in the latter somewhat uncharacteristically (though justifiably) screaming at the former about overpaying for fruit. So I drew it. I'm really proud of the expressions in this one, especially Robyn's. I've gotten a helluva lot better at drawing her.

Also check it out, first appearance of Cameron, Anna's girlfriend!


1/15/2023, 12:19 PM Holy shit, Robyn got so angry, lol. I can't really blame her, though. She makes a good point that they don't get paid a lot and Sunny is spending so much money on food. I mean, on one hand it's her money so she can spend it on what she wants. But yeah, Robyn can't exactly bail her out if somehow the money runs dry either. Really love the expressions they both have in this page. Especially Robyn getting so angry and Sunny's in that third panel.

And hooray, Cameron! Looks like she is...sort of keeping up with Anna, lol.
1/15/2023, 12:23 PM D'aww thanks, they were some fun ones to draw!
1/18/2023, 7:29 PM yeah I agree with your mouseover text... $14/3 could be pretty reasonable depending on what you're buying
1/18/2023, 7:47 PM Apples, unfortunately, aren't one of those.

It was kind of insane, the first thing I saw when I stepped into Whole Foods was that the original price I put down for Gala Apples was like three cents off... of the sale price.