Interlude № 8 - VacAttack


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View Transcript TV Robot (Nali): Lydia, I need my own room.
Lydia: We've been over this before, Nali, even if I *wanted* to give you your own room, I can't just *make* them out of thin air!

Lydia: Besides... why *would* you want your own room?
Nali: It's Garrix! She sleep-vacuums!

Lydia: ...sleep-vacuuming?

Lydia: I mean, I *could* reprogram her...
Nali: We're fully sentient AI, not even *we* know what should and shouldn't be messed with.

Lydia: Well... now that I think about it...
There *is* one other thing that I could try...

Lydia: Look, all I'm saying is that *maybe* you should look into some kind of treatment.
Roomba (Garrix): Hey, I don't complain when people accidentally cast things to his face!

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Author Notes

1/1/2023, 12:14 PM First strip of the new year, first strip done in CSP! It's gonna be a helluva year and we're already starting off strong. I've wanted to introduce Nali and Garrix for a while now, I dunno how I'll use 'em in the future but they're here!

(And fair warning, next week's strip's got some nudity, don't wanna blindside anyone here)


1/1/2023, 12:37 PM YO! Nali and Garrix! Excited to see these two robos in action. I like how the reprogramming thing is addressed because that would be my first solution. But then again, like Nali said it's hard to say what should and shouldn't be messed with when it comes to all that stuff. But hey, some treatment may work too. Get Garrix to a therapist, stat! And always nice to see Lydia as well.
1/1/2023, 12:40 PM Robotic sleep therapy would be an interesting career field to go into...