Him, Her, And Them: The Tiny David Story - Renewal (The David Christmas Special V)


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View Transcript [December 22nd]
Erica: Tiny David, it's been a few weeks, do... do you think you're ready to face Kenzie?
I really don't want all this weighing on you for so long...

Erica: You don't have to if you don't want to, I just--
Tiny David: No, you're right.
It's been a while, and I just...
...I want answers.

Tiny David: Like *why*? What did I *do* to her?
D-did I actually *hurt* her in a way I didn't know?

Tiny David: A-and I still don't know where this leaves us!
I don't want to lose her but...
...I don't know if we *can* still be friends after this.

Erica: You deserve that closure, TD.
I think it'll help a lot.

Erica: And don't worry about it, okay? You just need to talk to her.
Tiny David: I hope it's that simple...

Erica (off-panel): I promise, it will be.
[December 24th]
David (off-panel) Okay, who's ready for our first annual Christmas movie marathon!?
Grace, Lissa, Hannah (off-panel): *HELL YEAH*!

David: Seven movies of varying quality and a whole night to watch 'em!
Gonna be a helluva time!

Lissa: Oh, Tiny David!
Grace: Howzit hanging, bud?
David: Yeah, you doing okay?
Tiny David: Is Kenzie here?
Hannah: She just went upstairs.

Lissa: Hope it goes well, dude.
Hannah: Even if she doesn't say it, Kenzie *does* feel bad...
Grace, David: It'll be okay, man.
Tiny David: That's what Erica told me...

[Tiny David walks upstairs, and hears the sliding doors to the balcony close]


[Beat panel, Kenzie tearfully looks from the balcony as Tiny David approaches from behind]

Kenzie: Tiny David.
Tiny David: K-Kenzie.

Kenzie: ...I take it you wanna know what happened at Homecoming, don't you.
Tiny David: Yeah...

Tiny David: I mean what the hell was all that?
You blew up at me just for...
...just for *showing up* with someone?

Kenzie: No, *NO*, it's *way* more complicated than--

[Beat panel as Kenzie breaks down crying]

Kenzie: I-I asked you out- or at least... I *thought* I asked you out...
...b-but the text never *sent* and I-I didn't find out until...

Kenzie: *sniff*
...until *after* I overreacted.

Tiny David: Overreact--
Kenzie you fucking *SLAPPED* me!



Kenzie: Maybe this doesn't mean anything to you.
How could it? You never knew.
Hell, you don't even *care* about crushes!
But *I do*. Tiny David, I've had a crush on you since *sixth grade*. For *years* I've been trying to tell you.

Kenzie: And then I *finally* worked up the courage to ask you out. Regardless of whether or not the text *sent*, I thought that after *three years* of trying to hold it in, I could *finally* tell you how I felt about you.

Kenzie: And then you--
You show up to homecoming with someone else...

[Beat panel as Kenzie gets overtaken with emotion]

[Beat panel as Tiny David suddenly hugs Kenzie tightly]

Tiny David: Kenzie, I didn't do any of this to hurt you.
You're my *friend*, and I...
...I just want to feel like we're friends again.

Kenzie: I... I don't know how easy that's gonna be.
You broke my heart, Tiny David, but... I'd be lying if I said that I didn't still have feelings for you.
I don't...

Kenzie: I-I don't...

Kenzie: I-I...

[Beat panel as Kenzie and Tiny David suddenly kiss]

Tiny David: K-Kenzie I have to go...
Kenzie: T-Tiny David wait!

Kenzie: TINY DAVID, I--

Kenzie: ...I'm so sorry...

Lissa: Ok, but like, in *all* of these movies, the chick is either an architect or an advertising executive, like *c'mon*, where the fuck are my doctors and fitness instructors?
Grace: It's like all these writers have the same Mad Libs deck.
And they *all* wrote down the same answers.

Lissa: Hell, gimme a lesbian or two. Shake *something* up.
Grace: Amen, sister.
Hannah: Do *any* of these movies have queer characters?
David: W-wait, was that Tiny Me?

[Beat panel as Tiny David desperately tries to catch his breath]

David: Shit, Tiny Me, a-are you okay!?
Tiny David: No...
I don't...
...I don't know...

David: What happened, what did she say, what did she do!?
Tiny David: Sh-she said she texted me, b-but it didn't send a-and then I broke her heart and...

Tiny David: A-and then she *KISSED* me! I-I mean *WE* kissed! A-at least I *think* we kissed, I didn't stop it and a part of me kinda wanted it to happen b-but...
...I don't know what the fuck's *happening* anymore!

David: Y-you two *kissed*?
Tiny David: Sh-she said she had a crush on me and still had feeling for me then I felt her lips wrap around my lips then I started kissing her back...

Tiny David: ...and then things got super awkward and I ran off!
I-I don't know what *happened*, none of it makes any fucking sense!

Tiny David: All these *things* are happening so quickly, and I don't know how to handle them...
It's like, I need help bit I don't know *what* I need help with or *why*...

David: *sigh* Tiny Me, you're just going through puberty, same as Kenzie and Erica and all your other friends.
And shit's tough. Emotions, hormones, that stuff can change, or worse, even *break* relationships.
I'm sorry I don't have a better answer, but that's just kinda... how it is.

Tiny David: Answers... I-I didn't even get the *answers* I wanted from Kenzie...
Erica told me that doing this would give me closure...

Tiny David: *sniff* B-but why don't I *feel* closure?
David: I'm so, so sorry, Tiny Me...

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Author Notes

12/25/2022, 10:00 AM HA HAAAAAA THE BIGGEST TWIST OF ARC 8 IS THAT ARC 8 IS A TWO-PARTER!!!!!!!! Yeah, Arc 9? Something I've been suspiciously tight-lipped about despite being pretty open about Arc 10? Well, this is the reason why I've been so tight-lipped about it. But Arc 9's a story for March...
Anyways, here's the requisite dozen or so things I have to say about this big-ass strip:

1. I'm not joking when I say this strip took me longer than any other strip has. Like, even longer than the other Arc Finales.

2. I really had to think out the exact dialogue of this strip, certain characters really weren't supposed to say certain things for a reason, and Tiny David's last line really had to hit right.

3. Speaking of Tiny David's last line, that was one of the first lines I thought up of. Like nearly a year ago.

4. The snow textures you see in the balcony scene were done by the one and only Killersteak. Thanks Steakums!

5. I'm super proud of how pages 3-6 came out, I think page 3 is my favorite page out of this entire arc. Panel 15, man, fuckin' cinematic.

6. Yep, that's an Anna cameo in panel 1! Ever since I entered her in the OCT, she's become a bit of a favorite and I really wanna use her a bit more. She's fun.

7. For those of you who don't regularly watch Hallmark Channel Christmas movies or other such films, panel 37 isn't a joke. Well I mean it is but like, well you know.

8. Oh, fun fact, this is the last strip I made in Sketchbook. Everything else from here on in is gonna be done in CSP, baybeeeeeeeeee!

9. Oh, another fun fact, Grace has appeared TWICE this year. One of my New Year's resolutions is to use her a bit more and really work with her and David's relationship.

10. Speaking of characters not having shown up for a minute, we haven't seen Lissa since the Arc 7 Finale. I think that's the longest period that I haven't used her.

11. I did the panel borders for the first two pages. The panel borders for pages 3-8 were literally taken from Strip 208. I regret nothing.

12. Honestly, I'm just really proud of this strip, I'm proud of this whole arc, I'm proud of everything. I'm proud of you, son.

Oh and Merry Christmas. Helluva Christmas Special, huh?


12/25/2022, 10:11 AM God damn it, I knew it was going to be quite the messy Christmas special. I'd say I was right about my prediction of Kenzie fucking it up even more, but we can't discount that Tiny David had a small part in it as well kissing her back for a second before stopping. Still not nearly as much as Kenzie, but it's there. Poor boy can't get any closure here.

And wow, so Arc 9 is going to go right off from Arc 8 huh? I'm actually happy about that. Maybe we'll get a bit more closure than what happened here, lol. Plus, TD still has tell Erica that Kenzie kissed him...and maybe that he didn't stop it right away. If he tells her at all, which I hope he would.

It was also really nice to see David trying to comfort TD as well as he could, though yeah sometimes it just comes down to "being a teen sucks sometimes".

Also, you did a really great job with a lot of these expressions and such. Especially with the conversation between Kenzie and TD and her trying to explain herself with crying. Really great finale, dude. Very emotional and leaves things open for Arc 9.
12/25/2022, 10:15 AM D'aww, thanks! I really liked getting all the expressions down pat, and YEAH Arc 9's gonna continue off of Arc 8... though it might not be as straightforward as you may think. You'll see. You'll all see...