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View Transcript Kaiden: Hey, uh... thanks for helping me through that panic attack back at the dance...
Morgan: You woulda done the same for me, dude.
Oh shit, there's Tiny David.

Kaiden: TD! Wait up!
Morgan: Yeah, fuck, dude are you okay!?
What happened after you and Erica left?

Tiny David: Well, we just sat and talked for a bit, then we started wandering around the empty campus.
Maybe it's too early to say it but... I really like them.
And they honestly really helped me feel better.

Kaiden: But... what about Kenzie?
Have you two talked since then?
Morgan: Have you two even *seen* each other?

Tiny David: Not since she ran off. I think she's avoiding me.
Hell, right now, *I'm* avoiding *her*.
I'm not... I'm not ready to face her yet...

Tiny David: *sniff* I just don't know what to do anymore...
Kaiden: Hey, hey, TD, we're here for you.
Morgan: We'll help as much as we can.
Tiny David: I love you guys...
Morgan: We love you too.

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Author Notes

12/11/2022, 11:02 AM I really like how panel 4 turned out here. Just something about the emotion in Kaiden's face. I'm also getting a lot better at drawing Morgan, I like how he came out here.


12/11/2022, 11:30 AM Very seldom is violence the answer. Kenzie was very much out of her depth here and needs to work on her empathy and impulsiveness unless she wants to hurt more people, which I doubt. Damn, poor Tiny David. Man is just out here trying to have a good time but ends up being publicly berated by a long time friend. If I were him, I’d cut off Kenzie. Some stuff ain’t worth salvaging. He should stand up to her.
12/11/2022, 11:49 AM It's a really tough situation all around, especially considering that, at this point, nobody involved knows the full story. Even if Tiny David ultimately decides not to cut off Kenzie, their relationship is going to be incredibly strained, really until she demonstrates some kind of genuine maturity at some point, something that may or may not actually happen.

High school can be tough.
12/11/2022, 12:00 PM D'awww, Tiny David may be going through it, but he's not alone in this. He's got some pretty good friends to help him along the way. Good on you Kaiden and Morgan. TD is really lucky to have such great friends like that.

I think it's alright for them to avoid each other at the moment, at least until things calm down a bit more. The emotions are still running really high and I worry about things getting worse if they try to talk to each other too soon. I know that's not exactly how everyone feels about resolving conflicts, but to me it's good to step back after something like this, breathe, recuperate, and then face the problems as best you can.
12/11/2022, 12:11 PM I mean yeah, this really isn't the sort of conflict that anyone here is used to or ready to handle. Hopefully talking things out once the dust has all settled resolves something...