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Like A Slap To The Face

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View Transcript Erica: *Well*, that was... *something*...
H-how're you holdin' up, TD?
Tiny David: I swear to god, Kenzie never texted me.
But you probably don't believe me, either, do you?

Erica: ...I believe you. You don't seem like the kind of person who'd do that.
Is... *she* normally like this?
Tiny David: No.
And that's what scares me the most.

Tiny David: I've known Kenzie since elementary school, and I've *never* seen this side of her before.
It's... genuinely frightening to see somebody that you've known and cared about for so long... *lash out* at you like that.

Tiny David: And where does that put us? Where does that put our friendship?
A-are we even still friends anymore!?
At this point, I-I don't even know what's going on!

Erica: Oh my god, Tiny David, I'm so sorry.
Tiny David: Don't apologize. It's not your fault.
None of this is.
Erica: I can call my dad, he can pick us up...

Tiny David: Hey, I still owe you a date.
And I... I appreciate the company, Erica.
Let's just... stay here and see where we go.
Erica: I like how you think, TD.
Let's salvage the *HELL* outta tonight!

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Author Notes

11/27/2022, 12:25 PM And now, please join me in officially welcoming Erica Vasquez as the 13th member of the David: A Webcomic Main Cast. It's been a helluva ride for lucky number 13 here, but they land with perfect form. Welcome to the party, Erica, it's gonna be fun to have you around.


11/27/2022, 12:59 PM I totally knew it! I mean, it wasn't too hard to figure out, but I guess it could have been anyone else introduced in this chapter. But hello, Erica! I like you. You be good main character.

God, feel so bad for TD though. These are genuine concerns anyone would have after something like this happened. I really do hope that he and Kenzie are still able to be friends after all this. But, it's good to see that TD and Erica are going to salvage the rest of their date. Hope they come up with something fun to do!
11/27/2022, 1:02 PM Yeah, it was... kinda obvious, really, but Erica's gonna be pretty fun to work with in the future!
11/27/2022, 5:12 PM :,)
11/27/2022, 5:22 PM ;w;