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View Transcript Jay: Hey hey, Tiny David!
Kartchner: Sup, TD!
Tiny David: Hey guys!
Jay: What brings ya to our neck of the woods?

Tiny David: I'm... going out on my first date soon and I need something fancy.
Kartchner: Word of advice, kid: don't go fancy on the first date, sets their expectations a bit too high.
Tiny David: Oh, I'm taking them to homecoming.
Jay: Ooh!
Kartchner: *Noice*, dude.

Jay: Y'know, I never went to any school dances.
Kartchner: Well, uh, *duh*, you were homeschooled 'till college.
Jay: Hey, a bird can dream.

Kartchner: But seriously dude, school dances ain't all they're cracked up to be. I didn't go to any until after The Accident, so like, 11th grade homecoming, I somehow managed to ask out the hottest guy in school, Joshua Hudson, JV football captain.
Turns out he was cheating on his girlfriend with me, and he also hadn't, uh, *come* out to her in the first place so uh, well...

Kartchner: ...suffice it to say, the incident made the news.

Jay: D-don't worry, dude, I'm sure it's not gonna be *that* bad.
Kartchner: Yeah, *prom's* what typically gets royally fucked. You're fiiiiiiiiine.
Tiny David: Th-thanks for the reassurance, guys.

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Author Notes

10/9/2022, 12:02 PM No new characters this week, but I am introducing a new major location: the Fashion Roost Collective! Those of you who've seen my entries for 30 Days Of Characters may remember me bringing it up a few times, and, six months later, we finally have an interior. I think it turned out pretty well all things considered.

Also Kartchner's pretty fun to draw. Just wanted to put that out there.


10/9/2022, 1:14 PM Oh my god, Kartchner, you are terrible at reassuring people about anything, lol. At least very much here. Poor Tiny David is probably worrying three times as much now.

I'm not surprised it's fun to draw Kartchner. He looks very fun to draw and color. The interior of the Fashion Roost Collective looks really awesome, by the way. You hit it out of the park with that!
10/9/2022, 1:25 PM Aw, come on now, Tiny David's gonna be fine.

And thanks! I can't wait to expand on the FRC's interiors a bit more!