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The Sport Of Love

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View Transcript Kenzie: Hey Darren? I have a question. About guys.
Darren: You took sex ed in 7th grade, you know what a penis is.
Kenzie: No, like... *guys*.
Darren: Ohhhh, *guys* guys.

Kenzie: Who... made the first move here?
Bat (Carter Erdlar): That would be me.
Your big bro *never* does, Kenz.
Darren: *HEY*, I'd just come off a breakup--

Carter: Yeah. Five months earlier. You had two dates, broke up, and nearly failed Chem.
So whaddaya need, Kenz?
Kenzie: You asked Darren out over text, right?
How long did he take to respond?

Darren: ...three weeks.

Kenzie: Well it's been three weeks since I asked Tiny David out and I still haven't gotten anything from him.
What do I do?
Darren: Give him some time. If he's anything like me, he's probably still a li'l shocked.
Kenzie: O-okay...

Carter: *Great*, just what this family needs, *another* fucking Darren Monroe.
Darren: *HEY*.
Carter: You know I love you, Dare-Bear.
Darren: *GAH* I love you too.

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Author Notes

10/2/2022, 12:04 PM I'm really proud of this strip, too, it came out way better than I was expecting.

Also remember how I said I was introducing 8 characters in this arc? I lied. I'm introducing 9. I wasn't necessarily planning on introducing Carter Erdlar in this arc, but I really wanted to, so as soon as I came up with an idea that included him, I had to act on it. Honestly I think he turned out pretty well.


10/2/2022, 12:29 PM BAT BOI!!!

Nice to see Carter here. Look at him here with his cool sneakers and socks. I just love his design a lot. Poor dude had to wait three weeks to get a response. His and Darren's relationship is cute.

I also really love Darren rubbing Kenzie's head in reassurance in that second to last panel. It's just adorable to me. And then Kenzie's expression in the last panel! Ah, really good stuff, man.

10/2/2022, 12:34 PM Aww, thanks! Carter's fun to draw, and now that I've kinda mentally established that he's got a bit of a snarky side, he's actually pretty fun to write, too. And the head rub is adorable! Darren can be a good brother sometimes.