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View Transcript Transmasc Woodpecker (Kaiden Fields): DUDE! You got your first date! Howzit feel?
Tiny David: I keep telling you guys, it's *not a date*!
Goth (Morgan Calem, brother of Morgyn): I dunno, TD, the way you describe it, it *kiiiiiiiiinda is*.

Tiny David: C'mon guys, we're just kindred spirits who happen not to be doing anything on homecoming night!
Kaiden [nodding]: Mm-hm, mm-hm.

Kaiden: So the two of you just *happen* to be going out, with each other, to a school dance, one that's typically associated with the coming of age of a teenager's sexuality, *COMPLETELY PLATONICALLY*.

Morgan: And seriously dude, *how* many times have you mentioned their bubbly voice, their adorable eyes, and their soft, soft skin?
I'll answer that for you, seven, twelve, and three respectively.
What is it with you and eyes, dude?

Tiny David: O-okay, so maybe I *am* a little attracted to them!
B-but that doesn't make it a date!
And you'd agree with me about their eyes if *you* saw the way they were looking...

Tiny David: ...oh my god we're going on a date.
Kaiden: Hey, better to admit it to yourself now.
Morgan: Accept your fate sooner rather than later.

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Author Notes

9/25/2022, 12:30 PM Honestly, I'm genuinely proud of how this strip turned out. Hell, if I keep this up, Arc 8's gonna be fuckin' amazing! This strip also introduces Morgan Calem, Morgyn's twin brother, and Kaiden Fields, who I think came out particularly well in this strip. They're gonna be a fun pair to work with in the future.


9/25/2022, 12:35 PM Love the humor of this page. Hearing how many times Tiny David has brought up Kenzie's eyes and other features is adorable, plus the "What is it with you and eyes, dude." Love it so much! And then over the course of the page TD realizes himself how serious this is. Very cute and reminiscent of young school days. Also really love the TD expressions here as well.
9/25/2022, 12:40 PM D'aww, thanks! One of the things I want to do with this arc is kinda emphasize the fact that Tiny David and friends are only 14, they're at various points within their respective puberties, and they're feeling a lot of these genuinely romantic feelings for the first time.