Interlude № 7 - The Birds And The Bees


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The Birds And The Bees

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View Transcript Rocky's husband (Jay Hawkshaw-Fletcher): Wow.
Rocky: Yeah. *Wow*.

Jay: Seriously dude that was, like, the *best* sex we've ever had.
Rocky: Hey, some people save themselves till marriage, I save my best moves will marriage. It's the same thing.

Jay: God, I'm gonna be *so* fucking sore in the morning.
Rocky: Heh, why d'ya think I did this the night before your day off?

Rocky: Y'know what I'm *really* waiting for is for you to give yourself a *week* off, dude.
Then we can *REALLY* fuck.

Rocky: In all honesty though, I appreciate the time we have together. I know with my architectural firm and the Fashion Roost Collective for you, we don't get a whole lot of really intimate time.
It makes this kinda time pretty special.

Rocky: Aaaaaaaaand you're asleep already.
Tired ya out, huh?
I love ya, Jay.

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Author Notes

8/14/2022, 11:46 AM This strip is notable for two things: for one, it introduces Jay Hawkshaw-Fletcher, Rocky's husband and Robyn's brother-in-law (and certified cutie if I say so myself), and it's also the first strip I've done on a bigger canvas than what I normally work with. Going forward, that's how I'm gonna do the strip, big raw canvas, scaled down to the appropriate size for release. The thinner lines actually preserve a lot of the expression definition from the sketches.

Also I think this is one of my favorite strips. It's just adorable.


8/14/2022, 11:50 AM Awww! So cute. And really considerate of you, Rocky, lol. Glad to see these two birdbrains finally together in an official strip. And I’ve already told you this, but I do love Rocky’s expression in the fourth panel.
8/14/2022, 12:22 PM I'm glad these two birdbrains finally showed up together too! They're adorable together.