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Venti Venting

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View Transcript Kirsten: Okay, we gotta talk, Alex.
Alex: *FUCKING HELL*, Kirsten, I *DON'T NEED* this!

Kirsten: Alex, I can't have you like this.
Not just from a business perspective, but also for your own fucking mental health.
Alex, I care about you.
Alex: If you cared about me, you'd leave.

Kirsten: Take it from me and my chronic depression, you need someone to vent to sometimes.
I have Bianca, but you... you don't have anyone.
Maybe Lissa, but she's not here right now.

Kirsten: I think you need to vent, Alex. Just... let those emotions go.
All of them.

[Beat as Alex starts tearing up]

[Beat as Alex collapses into Kirsten's lap, sobbing]

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Author Notes

6/5/2022, 10:00 AM Okay I'm... not the proudest of how the last panel turned out, but, like, it works I guess.

Either way, a bit more from Kirsten, I feel like she's going to be one of the more prominent supporting cast members.


6/5/2022, 10:11 AM I think the last panel is really effective. I felt sad when I saw it. Poor Alex!

I'm liking Kirsten! She's a good boss. Poor stressed out woman, but there for her employees! Great page, dude!
6/5/2022, 4:06 PM I'm glad that last panel was effective, I was kinda wondering whether or not it would be considering how the pose ultimately came out.
6/5/2022, 11:02 AM Kirsten is good people
6/5/2022, 4:06 PM Kirsten's trying her best. She may never think she is, but she's trying her best.