Sex, Love, Anxiety: The Secrets Of Alex Greenwald - The Intersection Of Lonliness And Desperation


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The Intersection Of Lonliness And Desperation

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View Transcript Sunny: Well, this is me.
Where you goin' from here, Alex?
Alex: Back to the Crappi Coffee.
I... actually live above it.

Sunny: Y-you mean you came this far out of your way... just to *talk* to *me*?
...I get it, though, if I were in your position, I'd do the same thing.

Sunny: We're adults now, but we... we don't know what the fuck "adulting" is supposed to *feel* like.
We really need the support of others to help us through shit like this.
Alex: Honestly, I *do* feel better having talked about it...

Sunny: Actually, now that we... *sigh*
Look, maybe this is a little upfront, but w-would you mind... spending the night? I mean I don't necessarily want you to go *all* the way back to your place this late...
...but also... I'm starting to feel the breakup pain again...
I don't...
I don't know if I can be alone tonight.

[Beat as Alex and Sunny stare at each other]

[Smash cut to Alex and Sunny in Sunny's bed, basking in the slightly awkward afterglow]
Alex and Sunny (mentally): So *this* is what adulting feels like...

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Author Notes

5/1/2022, 11:02 AM OH

Do you KNOW how hard it's been keeping this a secret? This was the one scene that I've been planning this arc around, I've been thinking about it for the past six months, and I finally did it.

Now realize that this is week 5 of an 18 week arc, so we're nowhere near done. Oh lordy no.


5/1/2022, 5:33 PM Oh god, I really didn’t see that coming. You were great at keeping this secret. I thought there may have been a twinge of feelings between the two, but Oops! All Sex.

Really great surprise, David. I think it’ll be even more interesting to see the aftermath of this whole thing.
5/1/2022, 5:47 PM Dude you just validated like literally the past six months that I spent planning this arc. That one panel was like, the very first thing that I thought of, everything else just was just kinda built around it.

And believe me, there's gonna be an aftermath...