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Alex And Sunny

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View Transcript Sunny: Oh, hey Alex!
You closin' tonight?

Alex: Wha-?
Oh. Yeah. 'S been another lonely night.
You're lucky Sun. You have a roommate to come home to.

Sunny: Ugh, except when she's *not* there.
Robs and her brother are helping their parents move into their new place over in Davidsville Springs this weekend.
Believe me, the first weekend after getting dumped is a *BITCH*, like fuck, man.
I *need* that support, dammit!

Alex: You're lucky. You've been with people.
I've never been in a relationship and quite frankly I don't know where to start.
Sunny: Geez, you, uh, you okay there, Alex?
Alex: *sigh*

Sunny: You depressed or somethin'?
Ah fuck you are aren't you?
You, uh, wanna talk about it?
I could use the company goin' home...

Alex: I-I mean, if *you're* okay with it...
Sunny: Hey, what are friends for?

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Author Notes

4/22/2022, 10:15 AM This strip features a different style of shading than what I've done usually, big thanks to the Meat Hole Discord (yes, really) for helping me out with this.

(Also if it wasn't clear, the past three strips have all taken place within the same week)


4/22/2022, 8:35 PM No matter what, Alex has some damn good friends. And that's super important.
4/22/2022, 8:52 PM They got a good support system. That is important.